Túi máu đôi

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  • Name of Products: Double Blood bag
  • Tên sản phẩm: Túi máu đôi.

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  • (Hình ảnh sản phẩm)
 Túi máu đôi
  • Material
  • (Chất liệu)
  • Medical class PVC  and CPDA-1 solution
  • Description: shape, size, length, height, width etc
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There are 2 size: 250ml; 350ml

Double Blood Bag 250ml:

  • Main bag:
    • Length:  ID: 141mm, OD: 201mm
    • Width:   ID: 118mm, OD: 130mm
  • Transfer bag:
    • Length:  ID: 141mm, OD: 201mm
    • Width:   ID: 118mm, OD: 130mm

Double Blood Bag 350ml:

  • Main bag:
    • Length:  ID:157mm, OD:217mm
    • Width:   ID: 118mm, OD: 130mm
  • Transfer bag:
    • Length:  ID:157mm, OD: 217mm
    • Width:   ID: 118mm, OD: 130mm
  • Method of sterilization
  • (Phương pháp tiệt khuẩn)
  • Steam high temperature.
  • Usages (Công dụng)
  • Collect blood.
  • Directions for Use
  • (Hướng dẫn sử dụng)
  1. Knot the collection tube a ring loose knot near the needle, pay attention don’t twist the tube, keeps the collection tube smoothly. Draw off the protective cap from the collection needle, do venipuncture on the sterilized skin.
  2. Loosen the collection tube get blood flow into the blood bag for gravity.
  3. During the process of collect blood, the blood bag should lower than the arm of donor. Shake the blood bag usually to get the blood flow in the bag and mix enough with anticoagulation. Can’t push blood bag in any instance avoid air into the vein of donor’s
  4. Put a clamp on the situation where the collection tube connect the blood bag, pull out the needle from the donor and tense that ring knot.
  5. Knot a tight knot and can knot again on the proper situation if it is needed. So it can provide enough blood samples to whole blood or test.
  6. It is used for collection whole blood with volume 450ml and store whole blood condition will be 2℃-6℃ with 35 days
  • Expiry of date
  • (Hạn sử dụng)
  • Two years from the date of manufacturing.
  • Packing: box, carton
  • (Quy cách đóng gói : Hộp, thùng)
  • 5pcs/aluminum Bag,  80pcs/carton  Carton size: 51X32X26cm
  • Special notes:
  • (Lưu ý đặc biệt)