Mặt nạ oxy

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  • Name of Products: Simple Oxygen Mask
  • Tên sản phẩm: Mặt nạ oxy

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Material (Chất liệu) PVC
Description: shape, size, length, height, width etc

(Mô tả: Hình dạng, kích thước,chiều dài, chiều cao, chiều rộng,…)


1. Medium concentration

2. with elastic strap

3. adjustable nose clip

4. with 2m oxygen tubing


  • Neonate Standard   (XS)
  • Pediatric Standard   (S)
  • Pediatric Elongated (M)
  • Adult Standard         (L)
Method of sterilization

(Phương pháp tiệt khuẩn)

EO Sterile

(Công dụng)

1.Humidify and clean the air flue, reduce viscosity of sputum;
2.To assist medicine suction into patient’s mouth;
3.Easy for sputum in and out to improve the oxygen supply condition, reduce the medicine stimulation for bronchus mucosa and increase curative effect;
Directions for Use

(Hướng dẫn sử dụng)

Open the package and take out the Mask; connect the parts. one tubing end to the bottom of nebulizer jar, and the other to the oxygen (or compressed air)source port.
Expiry of date

(Hạn sử dụng)

5 years
Packing: box, carton

(Quy cách đóng gói : Hộp, thùng)

Individual PE bag, 100pcs/carton
Special notes:

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