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  • Name of Products: Disposable Syringe
  • Tên sản phẩm: Kim dùng 1 lần

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 Kim dùng 1 lần
Material (Chất liệu) plastic
Description: shape, size, length, height, width etc

(Mô tả: Hình dạng, kích thước,chiều dài, chiều cao, chiều rộng,…)


3parts: Barrel+Piston+Plunger, with needle middle, Luer Slip


  • 1ml×26G×1/2”
  • 3ml×23G×3”
  • 5ml×23G×1”
  • 10ml×23G×1”
  • 20ml×23G×1”
Method of sterilization

(Phương pháp tiệt khuẩn)

EO Sterile

(Công dụng)

The product is specially designed as a tool for intravenous injection and hypodermic injection solution to human body. Its basic use is to input the solution by needle according to the need of the human body vein and subcutaneous.
Directions for Use

(Hướng dẫn sử dụng)

1.It should be sterile and free from pyrogen before package opened.

2.It has a valid period of five years. Don’t use if it is beyond valid date.

3.Discard after single use.

Expiry of date (Hạn sử dụng) 5 years
Packing: box, carton

(Quy cách đóng gói : Hộp, thùng)

1pc/PE bag,  3000pcs/carton(1ml×26G×1/2”), 2400pcs/carton(3ml×23G×3”), 1800pcs/carton(5ml×23G×1”), 1200pcs/carton(10ml×23G×1), 600pcs/carton(20ml×23G×1”)
Special notes:

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